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Civil Rights Lawyer


Civil Rights Lawyer in Massachusetts

Police Misconduct – Rights of Prisoners – False Arrest

We work for plaintiffs or defendants in a variety of civil rights matters. Whatever side we represent, we build strong cases based on facts and analysis. When we accept a civil rights case, we commit to learn the truth of the matter and to vigorously represent the client’s best interests. For more information about our civil rights practice, contact an attorney at Sankey Law Offices Call our Boston, Braintree or Mansfield office at (781) 930-3127.

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Examples of civil rights casesi-civilrights

Our lawyers represent parents, children, individuals, prisoners, police departments, state and local governments, and school districts. Our cases have included matters such as:

  • Accusations of police brutality and excessive force and other police misconduct
  • Allegations of violations of 8th Amendment prohibitions against cruel and unusual punishment
  • Denying medical care to prisoners
  • Religion in public schools and other 1st Amendment rights cases
  • False arrest
  • Housing discrimination based on race, gender, or other identifiers

1983 actions are based on an old law that still works

We handle cases related to the right of all children to an educationWe also undertake 1983 actions under 42 U.S.C. ?1983. This law, first enacted in 1871, prohibits public officials from violating an individual’s constitutional rights. These cases are complicated by the statutory requirement that actions must be brought against state officials as individuals rather than government departments or jurisdictions.

For more information about our civil rights practice, contact Attorney Sankey, a Massachusetts civil rights attorney. Whether you are a defendant or plaintiff, you can be certain that we will work hard to provide you the best representation we can at reasonable rates. Protect your rights. Call a lawyer today.

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