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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Massachusetts


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Domestic Violence Lawyers in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Spousal Abuse Attorneys

Legislators, law enforcement officers and prosecutors take accusations of domestic violence very seriously. There are tough consequences for a domestic violence conviction or a protective order violation. At Sankey Law Offices, we work to protect your rights if you are accused of domestic violence in Massachusetts.

At the law firm of Sankey Law Offices, we are trusted domestic violence lawyers in Massachusetts, we can defend against domestic violence accusations as well as violations of the protective orders and fight to prevent the court from issuing the order. Contact our firm to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

Massachusetts protective orders and domestic violence

Domestic violence orders include restraining orders, no-contact orders and other types of protective orders. In Massachusetts, changes to our law now allow victims of violence, stalking and sexual abuse to petition the court for a protective order even if the alleged abuser is not a family member. While the order is civil in nature, violations of an order are criminal and include fines of up to $5000 and two and half years of jail time.

Protective order conditions often include restrictions on the following types of activities:

  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • E-mails
  • Instant Messages (IMs)

Harassment orders usually limit your ability to show up at the victim’s home or work. The restrictions that you may not be within a certain distance of the victim can severely impede your necessary day-to day activities. That’s why we fight the issuance of a protective order from the very start. As soon as you are served with summons for a protective order, speak to one of our domestic violence defense lawyers.

Massachusetts law requires that officers arrest men and women they believe have committed acts of domestic violence. Officers do not have discretion if they have evidence that violence in the home has occurred and the alleged abuser may be charged with domestic violence, assault and battery or domestic assault. Similarly, police officers also arrest men and women who have violated the conditions of a protective order against him or her.

Protecting our clients’ rights in domestic violence matters

Attorney Sankey provides experience and powerful representation when you need a domestic violence lawyer in Massachusetts. We offer strong criminal defense counsel from our offices in Boston, Braintree, and Mansfield, Massachusetts. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our domestic violence defense lawyers before it’s too late to protect your rights.