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Intellectual Disorders


Student Intellectual Disorders

As defined by federal law, an intellectual disorder is one in which the permanent capacity for performing cognitive tasks, functions, or problem solving is significantly limited or impaired and is exhibited by more than one of the following:

  • a slower rate of learning;
  • disorganized patterns of learning;
  • difficulty with adaptive behavior; and/or
  • difficulty understanding abstract concepts.

Knowledgeable and experienced school lawyers

We have experience advocating for appropriate placements and services for children with Intellectual Disorders. If you need help advocating for your child, please contact us. We understand the steps that are necessary to get your child the free appropriate public education he or she is legally entitled to receive.

We know the importance of your child’s education and we appreciate your confidence when you choose us to help protect your child’s rights. It will always be our goal to provide effective and efficient legal representation in a highly responsive manner to improve your child’s education.