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Massachusetts School Laws and Special Education Law


Massachusetts School Laws and Special Education Law

Sankey Law Offices fights to protect the educational rights of children in Massachusetts. Attorney Sankey’s passion for working on behalf of students was developed through nine years of service on a local School Committee. Attorney Sankey is committed to protecting every child’s basic right to a quality education in a nurturing environment which will allow the child to succeed to the best of his or her ability. He has been helping children receive special education services and has been defending the rights of Massachusetts students and their families in all educational matters for many years.

For more information please visit the informational pages below or call Attorney Sankey directly at (781) 930-3127. We are available to answer your questions and will be by your side to help you get the services that your child deserves.

Special Education Laws

Special Education

Eligibility for Special Education

School Discipline


Education Referrals & Assessments

Independent Educational Evaluations

Procedural Safeguards and Parental Rights

IEP Team Meetings

Individualized Education Programs

Out of District Placement

Due Process Hearings

Stay Put Rights

Transition Planning

Section 504 Plans

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Learning Disabilities

Dyslexia & Reading Disabilities

Communication Disorders

Non Verbal Learning Disabilities

Neurological Disorders

Emotional Disorders

Intellectual Disorders

Physical Impairments

Sensory Impairments