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Procedural Safeguards & Parental Rights


The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”) includes a set of procedural safeguards designed to protect the rights of children with disabilities and to ensure that children with disabilities receive a free appropriate public education. dadcallingwithchild

Some of the most important rights guaranteed to parents include:

  • Prior Written Notice. A parent has a right to prior written notice when the school district proposes or refuses to identify a child as having special needs; when it proposes to evaluate a child; when it proposes to provide special education services; or when it change the child’s program.
  • Consent. No child may be evaluated or provided with special education services unless the parent consents. A parent may withdraw his or her consent at any time.
  • Evaluation. A student is entitled to receive a complete and comprehensive evaluation to determine whether he has a disability and whether he is eligible for special education services.
  • Right to Review Student Records. A parent has the right to review all of his or her child’s records within 10 days of a request.
  • Right to be Equal Partners on the IEP team. A parent is an equal member of the IEP team, and must be invited to participate in all aspects of planning their child’s education
  • Right to Due Process Hearing. If the parents cannot resolve a dispute with the school concerning the child’s services or placement, the parents may request a hearing before an impartial hearing officer who will decide the dispute.

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