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Employment Discrimination


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Workplace Discrimination — Prevention and Remedies

Discrimination in the workplace still occurs, even though state and federal laws prohibit it. The attorneys at Sankey Law Office, represent employees who have suffered the effects of discriminatory actions in the course of their employment. Appearing in both state and federal courts in Massachusetts, our lawyers work hard to develop strong claims based on the facts. When we accept their employment discrimination case, our clients know that we believe there is a good chance of success.

Take action as soon as possible in discrimination claims

If you have experienced discrimination at work, contact our Boston law firm. At Sankey Law Offices, we have three convenient offices and a skilled legal team to serve your needs. Call (781) 930-3127 today, as employment discrimination and harassment claims must be made within a certain period of time.

You are protected by laws against discrimination

Beginning with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the U.S. Congress has enacted numerous laws that ban discrimination in the workplace against specific classes of people. Federal and Massachusetts laws prohibit discrimination based on:

  • Disability
  • Age (if over 40)
  • Race, gender or pregnancy
  • Veteran’s status
  • Pregnancy
  • Ethnicity
  • Sexual Orientation

The law also prohibits retaliation against an employee who files a claim alleging discrimination, sexual harassment or other illegal employment practices of any kind.

Elements of a Successful Employment Discrimination Claim

Not all unfair treatment in the workplace is illegal. In order to win a discrimination case, the employee must first show he or she was discriminated against because of his or her age, race, sex, disability or other protected status. In addition, the employee must prove the damages (loss of wages and benefits, emotional or mental distress, and financial damages) that he or she experienced as a result of the discrimination.

We help employees harmed by all types of discriminatory actions based on sex, age, disability, race, sexual orientation, or other protected status, including:

  • Hiring discrimination. Failing to hire, interview, or promote an employee because of their race or ethnicity
  • Pay disparity. Paying some employees less than other employees who perform the same duties, and other violations of the Equal Pay Act
  • Firing, termination or demotion. Terminating an employee because of pregnancy or childbirth, demoting an employee who complained about discrimination, or reducing an employee’s hours or wages because they are gay or lesbian

Representing employers or employees

We also counsel employers about avoiding discrimination claims, helping them review their policies and procedures, and comply with legal requirements. We attend hearings before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD). We also help soldiers who have lost their civilian jobs upon deployment, which violates the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).

If you think you are being discriminated against at work, or you have been discharged as a result of discrimination, contact our firm to discuss your legal options with an experienced employment attorney.