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In response to recent events at Massachusetts schools, the legislature has taken a closer look at school bullying. A new bullying law imposes specific guidelines for handling accusations of bullying and imposes obligations on the schools and school administrators who become aware of bullying.

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The effect of bullying in school can be devastating to children, families, schools and our communities. At the law firm of Sankey Law Offices, we are knowledgeable in school law issues and can provide legal advice on all bullying issues. Contact our attorneys to schedule a consultation to discuss your bullying concerns today. Our offices are conveniently located in Boston, Braintree, and Mansfield, Massachusetts.

Tragic events prompt strict bullying law

In a tragic incident, a Massachusetts teenager committed suicide after severe bullying at her high school. This incident received national and even international attention. This prompted the legislature to enact the current law on bullying. The new provisions in the law regarding bullying in schools include:

  • Criminal penalties for bullying
  • School requirements for an action plan
  • Mandatory reporting of bullying incidents
  • Electronic bullying defined as bullying

Someone charged and convicted of bullying with the threat of physical violence faces up to five years in prison and up to $1000 fine. These are serious consequences for those accused of bullying and can be imposed upon both adults and juveniles.

To limit the harmful effects of bullying, schools are responsible for creating bullying action plans that outline the procedure after bullying is reported. These bullying plans must clearly explain the reporting plan as well as the punishments for students who are bullying other children.

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Cyber-bullying is a crime in Massachusetts

One other major inclusion in bullying law in Massachusetts is that cyber-bullying is now defined and recognized as a crime. Cyber-bullying is harassment and threats through the transmission of cyber messages, including:

  • E-mails
  • Text messages
  • Instant messages
  • Facebook and MySpace posts and messages
  • Blog posts

Schools are even obligated to take action for cyber-bullying that occurs outside of the classroom if it affects the classroom and creates a hostile classroom environment or materially disrupts the operation of the school for students.

Knowledgeable and experienced school lawyers

School bullying and school violence issues are rapidly changing. As you look to deal with a bullying issue, our experienced school law and school discipline attorneys are prepared to answer any of your questions and provide sound legal advice.

Contact our Massachusetts school bullying lawyers at Sankey Law Offices, to schedule your consultation at one of our three Massachusetts offices in Boston, Mansfield or Braintree.

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