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Boston, Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcycle drivers are extraordinarily exposed during motorcycle accidents, with only a helmet to protect them. When you are on a motorcycle, the careless or negligent acts of others can lead to devastating injuries, or even death. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 54 motorcyclists were killed in motor vehicle accidents in Massachusetts during 2009. During 2008, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety reported 42 motorcycle fatalities and 329 motorcycle-related incapacitating injuries in Massachusetts. If you have been hurt or a loved one has died in a motorcycle accident on the roads in Massachusetts, you want an experienced attorney to help you get full and fair compensation for all of your losses.

Motorcycle accidents frequently occur when careless passenger vehicle drivers fail to look properly before changing lanes, give too little space for motorcycle drivers to maneuver, or turn in front of a motorcycle without giving the appropriate signals. The types of motorcycle accident cases that we handle include rear end accidents, left turn collisions, running stop signs, running red lights, speeding, drunk drivers, out of control motor vehicles, unsafe lane changes and broadside collisions.

Motorcycle accidents often result in devastating injuries

The risk for broken bones, disfiguring scarring and road rash, and serious head, neck, and spinal cord injuries is obviously much higher for those involved in motorcycle accidents. Because you are so vulnerable on a motorcycle, the injuries can be serious and catastrophic, including spinal cord and brain trauma, paralysis, broken bones, and amputation or loss of limb.

Why hire a motorcycle accident attorney?

You want an attorney who fully understands the injuries that can occur in a motorcycle accident, and who knows the strategies and tactics insurers and their lawyers will use to try to delay, diminish or deny your claim. At Sankey Law Offices, we work closely with individuals who have been injured in crashes involving motorcycles. We will conduct a thorough investigation of the facts, evidence, and circumstances of your case so we can identify all potentially responsible parties. We will work with experts, if necessary, including crash reconstruction specialists, medical professionals, and financial planners to put together the best case to help you get full and fair compensation for all of your losses.

No legal fee unless we obtain compensation for you

The cost of medical bills, rehabilitation, lost work, and pain and suffering associated with motorcycle accidents can be overwhelming. In motorcycle accident cases, and in all personal injury cases, we are pleased to represent you on a contingent-fee basis. This means that you do not pay us for legal services unless we obtain a financial recovery for you.

For advice about your options after a motorcycle accident, contact Sankey Law Offices at our Boston, Mansfield, or Braintree office. We will help you receive compensation for your injuries, property damage, and lost wages.