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Our law firm offers clients legal representation in all matters related to school discipline and other issues related to education law. Attorney Jeff Sankey was a member of the Mansfield School Committee for nine years. During that time and in the years since, he has represented many students and their families in school discipline hearings and has resolved many school law issues. If you have a legal problem with your child’s school, contact a lawyer with a focus on this specialized area. Call Sankey Law Offices, at (781) 930-3127.

Helping students and their families I will not misbehave in class!

We represent students in matters such as:

  • Expulsion hearings
  • Suspension hearings
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Issues related to student searches of lockers and personal property
  • Sexual harassment by a teacher
  • Charges of criminal activity such as drug or alcohol possession or carrying guns and knives onto school property
  • Academic probation
  • Charges of assault or other aggressive behavior

Preparing students and families for hearings

In certain circumstances under Massachusetts law, the school principal has the ultimate authority to expel or suspend students. Students have the right to an attorney at most disciplinary hearings. We will work to prepare students and their parents before any hearing. We advise them about the process and alert them to possible responses and actions by the principal. When you receive notice that your son or daughter has been summoned to some type of disciplinary hearing, it is important to contact an attorney right away to protect his or her rights.

Being proactive in school discipline matters helps children

If the disciplinary matter involves substance abuse or dangerous behavior, our attorneys are proactive. When appropriate, we obtain psychological assessments of the child and help identify a treatment program. When this is done before a disciplinary hearing, school authorities are more likely to allow the child to remain in school.

Reviewing school discipline procedures to ensure compliance

We ensure that schools are following their own procedures when disciplining a student. We review school handbooks, rules, and stated processes for disciplining students. By doing this, we lessen the chance that students will be subjected to arbitrary treatment by teachers and school administrators. This can be a concern at all levels of education, from middle school through college.

If your child has been notified of a suspension, expulsion, or other disciplinary matter, contact an attorney right away to learn about your rights. Our goal is to keep your child in school whenever possible and help you get the support and treatment options needed to do this. Call our Boston, Mansfield, or Braintree office to discuss the situation.