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Sexual Harassment and Discrimination


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Sexual Harassment Law Attorney Boston, MA

Sexual Harassment Is a Form of Sex DiscriminationKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Employers have a duty to prevent and stop sexual harassment in the workplace. By enacting and enforcing clear policies prohibiting harassment and discrimination, employers should be able to virtually eliminate this type of unacceptable behavior.

Unfortunately, many employers don’t make it a priority to address sexual harassment. Too many employees still have to endure sexually explicit remarks, unwanted advances, and even physical assaults by bosses, supervisors, coworkers and even customers.

You do not have to tolerate sexually harassing behavior at work

If you have experienced discriminatory behavior at work, contact our Boston law firm. At Sankey Law Offices, we have three convenient offices and a skilled legal team to serve your needs. Call (781) 930-3127 today, as there are short deadlines for filing sexual harassment claims.

Employees who are sexually harassed are often required to provide some type of sexual favor in return for continued employment, a promotion or other perks. It can be direct, but it can also be indirect, with the employer allowing one employee or a group of employees to harass other workers. Ignoring sexual innuendo, explicit posters, touching, and other overt acts can contribute to an illegal hostile work environment.

Here are some additional pages of information you may find helpful. For specific questions regarding your own situation, please contact our office at (781) 930-3127 and speak to an attorney.

Both women and men can be subjected to sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a type of illegal employment discrimination which can happen to both men and women. Both heterosexual and homosexual workers can be subjected to sexually harassing behavior such as stalking, intimidation and other offensive or threatening actions.

Employees have a right to earn a living without having to be a victim of sexual harassment. If you believe you are being sexually harassed or discriminated against at your job, find out about your legal rights. Contact an employment lawyer right away. At Sankey Law Offices, we will assess your situation honestly and with sympathy.