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Sankey Law Offices is a general practice law firm dedicated to providing clients with all the legal services they need. Whether you are a parent whose child needs a criminal defense lawyer for juvenile court, you sustained personal injury in a car accident, you are a victim of employment discrimination, or you are a small-business owner, our Massachusetts legal team can help.

To learn more about our practice, contact Sankey Law Offices in Boston, Braintree, or Mansfield. Call (781) 930-3127. We focus our practice in the following areas of the law:

School Law/Education Law

  • Education Law / Special Education Information Center  We help families access special education services for children with disabilities and special needs.
  • Out of District Placements  Our lawyers are extremely experienced in seeking and obtaining out of district placements for special education students whose needs are not met in their public school placement.
  • Parental Rights & Procedural Safeguards — We work to protect the rights of parents of children with special needs to ensure they are reciving the proections required by law.
  • IEP Team Meetings — Negotiating with your child’s Team to obtain the services your child needs can be a complicated and difficult process. We are here to help.
  • Due Process Hearings — If your child is denied the special education services he or she requires, our attorneys have the experience to litigate your case and capably represent you at a due process hearing.
  • School discipline — Do not go to a school discipline hearing for your child without consulting a lawyer. Massachusetts law and school district procedures are complex and varied. We have particular experience in this area. Call for informed school discipline legal help.
  • School bullying — Our lawyers understand the devastating effects of school bullying on students and their families. We offer skilled legal counsel in all school bullying matters, including cyberbullying.

Personal Injury

  • Car accidents — If you have been injured in a car crash, truck accidentmotorcycle accident, or any other accident caused by another person’s negligence, we can help you obtain the compensation you need to recover. We advocate for the rights of drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians who are involved in serious or fatal accidents in Massachusetts. Our law firm is also experienced handling complex cases involving drunk drivers, distracted drivers, and other negligent drivers.
  • Premises liability — If you have been hurt because of dangerous commercial property conditions, we can file a claim against the property owner on your behalf. Our law firm offers experienced counsel whether you have been harmed due to negligent security, a dog bite or animal attack, a slip-and-fall accident, or any other accident caused by hazardous property conditions.
  • Construction accidents — We help people injured on construction sites — either passersby or construction workers.
  • Nursing home abuse — If you or a loved one was harmed due to nursing home abuse or neglect, we can help you understand your rights and seek compensation and justice. Call for a free case evaluation regarding nursing home negligence such as prescription errors, falls, bed sores, and other neglect or abuse.
  • Fire and burn injuries — Attorney Jeffrey Sankey provides compassionate guidance to burn victims and their families following accidents involving defective, dangerous, or highly flammable products, electrical accidents, and other accidents resulting in serious or life-threatening burn injuries.

Criminal Law

  • Drunk driving — Don’t delay after losing your license after a traffic stop for a DWI/DUI or any other traffic offense. An attorney can help you fight to recover your license if you act immediately.
  • Criminal defense — We defend people charged with all types of misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses, from drug crimes to domestic violence. We effectively represent clients at magistrate’s hearings, clerk’s hearings, district courts, and in military courts.
  • Juvenile law — If your child has been charged with underage drinking or any juvenile criminal offense, contact an attorney right away.

Employment Law and Discrimination

Other Areas

  • Civil rights  We help prisoners, students, individuals, and public agencies in 1983 actions, school discipline matters, and First Amendment cases.
  • Business law — We represent plaintiffs and defendants in matters related to breach of contract and other areas of business litigation.
  • Wills and probate — We assist individuals and families through the process of creating wills and other estate planning documents as well as through the process of administrating a loved one’s estate after his or her passing.

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Our law firm has the resources, experience, and knowledge to represent you effectively in these and in almost any legal matter. Contact us today to discuss your legal situation.