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Massachusetts Drug Crime Defense Lawyers


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Drug Crime Defense Lawyers

 Massachusetts Possession Distribution Attorneys  

Drug crimes in Massachusetts carry stiff penalties ranging from prison time to serious fines to probation. Our full-service law firm, Sankey Law Offices, provides aggressive defense representation for people charged with drug crimes in Massachusetts.


Contact our law firm to schedule an appointment to allow our Massachusetts drug crime lawyers to begin protecting your rights. We serve clients in Boston, Braintree, and Mansfield, Massachusetts.

Defending against all drug crime charges

We take drug crime defense very seriously at Sankey Law Offices. Attorney Jeff Sankey, has worked extensively as a military defense attorney and a judge in the Marine Corps. We use our experience representing the accused to better handle each and every drug crimes case that comes to us.

Our attorneys defend against the following drug crimes:

  • Possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Distribute
  • Intent to distribute
  • School-zone possession

School-zone drug laws are especially harsh to those accused of possessing drugs within 100 feet of a school zone, including juveniles. Conviction for possession of any amount of drug in a school zone is an automatic felony. In densely populated areas such as Boston, it is nearly impossible not to be near a school, day care or other child care facility. We want to be sure that your rights are protected after you are charged with serious drug crimes, in or out of a school-zone.

We utilize critical criminal defense tactics

One important Massachusetts law that helps strengthen our criminal defense case, if applicable, is the law that provides that all drugs must be tested for the drug contents. This law also requires that the testing lab bring in a witness to attest to the contents of the drugs. It is no longer sufficient to allow the drug lab to send certificate stating the contents of the drug. We will work to insure that your Constitutional rights are protected in your Attleboro, Massachusetts drug crime case.

When you hire our attorneys, we will challenge the prosecutor’s evidence that you intended to distribute the drugs and argue against constructive possession of the drug if the drugs were not on your person.

Contact us to speak to our drug crimes defense attorneys and schedule your initial consultation at one of our offices in Massachusetts.